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Product FeaturesDefaqto Benchmark Criteria<P><FONT size=2 face=Arial>The benchmark levels for each feature have been selected by Defaqto, an independent financial research company specialising in rating, comparing and analysing financial products. The levels selected do not represent accepted industry benchmarks or standards.</FONT></P>
We provide “All Risks” cover which means that we cover your buildings against any physical loss or damage, subject to the policy exclusions.Buildings Cover BasisAll Risks
If your home cannot be lived in due to any insured loss or damage, cover is provided towards the costs that may arise from alternative accommodation. We provide cover for alternative accommodation for up 3 years.Buildings - Alternative AccommodationUp to 3 years or more
If there is a leak in your home which causes damage to your buildings, or a leak from the underground services pipes, then the cost of tracing and accessing the leak will be covered. We provide cover for the costs of tracing and repairing a water or fuel leak within your home and making good any damage caused by these repairs. Trace and AccessUp to Buildings Sum Insured
We also cover water leaks from the underground service pipes for which you are legally responsible and are located outside of the home.Trace and Access Outside the HomeUp to Buildings Sum Insured
We will provide cover up to £100,000 towards the building works, materials and supplies for use on any work to extend, renovate or build your home against physical loss or physical damage which happens during the period of insurance. We will only cover such works, materials and supplies which belong to you or for which you are legally responsible while located within the grounds of your home.Minor Building Works£75,000 or more
Following a claim caused by the escape of water or flood, we will also pay up to 10% the agreed claim but no more than £5,000, towards the cost of improvements intended to prevent or minimise the likelihood of a future occurrence. We will only do this if the covered loss we have agreed to pay is more than £10,000.Preventative Measures£3,000 or more
Cover is provided against any claims for damages due to an accident which causes bodily injury or physical damage to property for which you are liable as the owner or occupier of the buildings. We provide £10 million of cover as standard.Property Owners Liability£10m or more
Home Emergency cover is included as standard and provides cover towards the cost of any emergency repairs needed, following a home emergency such as a central heating failure.Home Emergency ServiceStandard
We provide a maximum indemnity limit of up to £1,500 towards the costs of tradesmen’s call out charges, labour and any materials that are necessary.Home Emergency - Maximum Limit£1,500 or more
Within our Home Emergency cover, we include as standard a 24-hour helpline line that provides access to a tradesmen for an emergency repair.Emergency Repair HelplineStandard
If you are selling your home or any part of your home covered by this section of the policy, we will cover the home or the relevant sold part for the buyer against physical loss or physical damage we have agreed to pay, which happens during the period of insurance. Cover will start from the time you exchange contracts to the time the sale is complete.Sale of HomeCovered
Unlike other products which restrict the period your property can be unoccupied before imposing terms, we do not apply an unoccupancy period. This however does not apply to properties that which remain unoccupied on a permanent basis.Unoccupancy Period180 days or longer
Unlike some providers if you wish to pay your premium in monthly instalments we do not apply a direct debit fee.Direct Debit Mandate Free of ChargeIncluded

07 July 2020